Anti-Human Creatures and MethodsEdit

Some Human creatures can be very difficult to defeat and pose a massive obstacle to some players, especially Mortii deck users.

To win against Humans , it's time for you to get a Neander deck which is advantageous against them.You can defeat them by boosting your Neander creatures' ATK using the skill Ravage .(click this link to see all creatures with this skill)

Human creatures also tend to use healing a lot, which is one of the factors that always screws you up doesn't it? You can counter this by Negating the healing effects or constricting healers from using such spells. To do so, use the following creature skills: Rip ,Delay ,Death Gaze ,Discord ,Flurry ,Freezing Field ,Frostbite ,Frost Blade ,[S]Hobble ,Ice Arrow ,Mass Charm ,Retreat ,Tempest ,and [S]Typhoon .(use creatures that possess these skills)

Some of their heroes tend to be annoying by using spells that turn their creatures to absolute tanks such as Ice Shell . Frustrating, right? However, if you can meld, then work hard and get yourself a Graboid with Sacrifice 8 . Why? Because it's a Human deck's #1 worst enemy.

Even changing your hero can help you win. Wight is the most suitable hero to deal with their tanks, so focus on getting this hero and use him whenever Humans are continuously pinning you down.

Anti-Human creatures include:

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