Anti-Mortii methods Edit

Mortii are very persistent and just refuse to die, which is why they are just that powerful. Many of them possess Rebirth and a few possess Recycle, in addition to the fact that all 3 star, 4 star and 5 star Mortii heroes possess talents that support the reviving strategy.You can defeat such creatures using these abilities: Demonization,Disposal and Torment.

Yes... the ways to counter the Mortii's reviving strategy are obscure and very few, but if you want to really finish them off, bring their worst enemy into the battlefield if possible: Paragon

Mortii are also infamous for being professional hero killers, you can counter or equalize such skills that could end your game by terminating the hero using these abilities: Bless and Sanctify. Use hero skills that heal the hero or summoning skills to make a creature that takes the bullets for your hero.

Mortii are also weak against creatures with Consecrate , so make sure to have a some cards with such skills ready for battle in case the enemy becomes too tough to defeat with normal strength

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