Fighter creatures are the most basic cards in Deck Heroes which focus mostly on their own strength to fight on the battlefield for you.  Because this is the most broad definition for Creature Cards, more cards fall into this category than any other category.

Fighters often have these traits:

  • High ATK and HP with Skills that increase their damage output, such as Battleblow or Ambush
  • Faction ATK Bonuses: Miasma, Bane, Ravage and Consecrate
  • Abilities that increase their own survivability without improving the rest of their team, such as Restoration
  • Abilities that improve their own damage at their expense of the team, such as Sacrifice

A handful of good fighters is extremely important in most decks because they are your main source of Physical Damage.  The best fighter, especially with additional support, can also go toe-to-toe against other fighters in left position, helping protect your other creatures from direct Physical Damage from the enemy team.

Fighters should always occupy the left positions in your field, with the rare exception that you are using them to take out a specific enemy creature.  It can help speed up battles by using Fighters in the 1st position instead of a dedicated tank, if the fighter is doing enough damage to kill the enemy creatures.

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