Support creatures are cards which mostly focus on strengthening the rest of your deck or disrupting the enemy instead of dealing damage or fighting themselves.  They often have aspects of Fighter or Tank or Casters mixed in, but the sign of a good support is the card that can turn the tide of battle without having to do damage at all.

Supports generally have some of these traits:

  • Lower HP and ATK than Fighters
  • Aura-based Buffs that strengthen the stats of the rest of your deck, such as Sprite Link or Safeguard
  • Heals for other or all Creatures, such as Mass Heal or Holy Light
  • Heals for your Hero, generally Bless
  • Disruptive abilities for enemy lines, such as Retreat or Death Gaze
  • Debuffs for enemy creatures, such as Fatigue
  • Lock-downs and delays for the enemy team, such as Seals or 
  • Revival abilities for bringing dead creatures back to life, such as Recycle or Healing Breath

Since the definition of a support creature is so open-ended, this is often the hardest card type to classify.  The job-types of supports is varied enough that best placement can truly be anything, but for a standard support you'll want to keep them further right, past the tanks and fighters so that they can live longer and continue to buff, heal or debuff throughout the battle.

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