Tank creatures are extremely important cards in Deck Heroes which focus on both surviving and protecting other Creatures from harm.  Because of their toughness, they are the most important cards for many types of decks in Deck Heroes.

Tanks often have these traits:

  • Above-Average HP and Skills that reduce incoming physical damage, such as Block or Frost Armor
  • Protection from magic damage, such as Immunity or Maji Shield
  • HP Regeneration Techniques such as Soul Swap, Restoration or Mass Heal

The most important factor in using a tank is placement.  Tanks can drastically reduce heavy-hitting fighters' damage output when placed directly across from them, and with skills like Frost Armor, a tank can nullify a huge threat like a Venom Tyrant.  Well-placed tanks can also add protection to nearby cards, especially when enemies have Sweeping Blow.

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