DECK HEROES Daily Routine Play Session & Rolling Runes

DECK HEROES Daily Routine Play Session & Rolling Runes

Daily tasks are small achievements which can be accomplished once per day and generally award coupon shards.  There are currently 14 official daily tasks available with each task rewarding the player with 1 or 2 coupon shards and some EXP. After collecting 6 coupon shards, you can exchanged them for a coupon which can be use in summoning level 2-5 creatures through the altar. Up to 22 coupon shards [3.66 coupons] can be obtained each day and also up to 18700 EXP.

There are also a handful of good practices that should be done daily, which are labelled here as Unofficial Daily Tasks.

Official Daily Tasks Edit

Below is a list of the listed Daily Tasks available to each player.  Each of these will provide a specific reward but must be claimed that day, so always claim your tasks.

Task Criteria EXP Coupon


Arena Fight 3 times in the Arena 2000 2
Raids Participate in Raids 3 times 2000 2 min. 3000 coins
Tournament Fighter Fight 3 time(s) in a Tournament 2000 2
Grimoire Challenge Challenge 1 times 2000 2
Mine Complete Mines 1 times 2000 2 200 energy
Draw Rune Prayed 10 times 2000 2 min. 500 glory points
Gauntlet Clear The Gauntlet 1 times 1500 2
Fight in a Chamber Fight 1 times in a Chamber 1000 2 10 energy
Enhancements Upgrade Hero or Creature 1 times 1000 1
Explorer's Gate Explore a Dungeon 5 times 1000 1 20 energy
Test Your Luck Draw 5 times at the Altar 1000 1 22,500 coins / 5 coupons
Maze Clear Maze 1 times 500 1 min. 4 energy
Trials Fight 1 times in the Trial 500 1
Friends Send Energy to 2 Friends 200 1
Voucher Combine a Giftbox 500 1
Smelt Smelt 1 time 500 1
Lucky Flip Lucky Flip 1 time 500 1

Arena Edit

  • You do not need to win any of these in order to complete this task.
  • Skip watching the battle since you cannot control the outcome anyways.
  • Alternate between Arena and Raids to complete both tasks in under 3 minutes.

Raids Edit

  • You do not need to win any of these in order to complete the task.
  • Hit refresh to find easy targets with more Glory Points to upgrade your Heroes.
  • You can control the outcomes of these battles manually.
  • Alternate between Arena and Raids to complete both tasks in under 3 minutes.

Gauntlet Edit

  • Requires completing (winning) at least one Gauntlet Match.
  • You do not need to "clear" the Gauntlet through level 15.

Explorer's Gate Edit

  • Each exploration costs 4 Energy / Tasks requires 20 Energy Total
  • Use this opportunity to work on Removing Seals by exploring for corresponding Creature Shards

Maze Edit

  • Requires completing one entire Maze, by defeating a Maze Boss.
  • You do not need to start a fresh Maze for this Task, and can use an unfinished Maze from a previous day.

Friends Edit

  • It is courteous to send Energy to all of your friends, and doing so will net much more Energy in return from them.

Test Your Luck Edit

  • Drawing with Gold, Coupons and Gems all works.
  • Go to "Draw with Gold" and "Draw 5" to quickly achieve this task.
  • You can also use coupons if you have "5" coupons at hand.

Enhancements Edit

  • Adding any amount of EXP to a creature will count towards this task.
  • Refreshing Talents will count towards this task, even if forfeited.
  • Refreshing Hero Skills will count towards this task.
  • Use the Glory Points accumulated from Raiding to refresh a Hero Talent

Trials Edit

  • Requires completing (winning) at least one Trials Match.
  • Rushing counts towards this Task.
  • It is highly recommended every day to Rush unless you're purposely avoiding EXP.

Fight in a Chamber Edit

  • Does not require Winning your Match to count towards this Task.
  • This is the most efficient method to slowly stock up on Evolution Material.

Draw Rune Edit

  • Does not require runes to be drawn all at once

Tournament Fighter Edit

  • Does not require Winning your Match to count towards this Task.

Voucher Edit

Smelt Edit

  • Accessible from Enhancement menu, Smelt creates either a level 1 or level 2 material.

Lucky Flip Edit

  • From the Smelt screen, click on Lucky Flip, to obtain a new material.

Unofficial Daily Tasks Edit

These are tasks that should be done daily and/or on a schedule to maximize your time in Deck Heroes.

Check Bazaar Edit

The Bazaar refreshes every 6 hours.  Here you will find very well-priced Essences and Glory cards available for gold.  You can also find x10 Energy for sale generally for 1500 gold.  It is recommended that you always purchase Essences, Glory and Energy for Gold when made available to you even if you're not planning on using it at this time.  It is also generally not recommended to buy anything with Gems.

Check Malls Edit

The Trials, Gauntlet and Guild sections of the game all have corresponding shops - the Credits Mall, Token Mall and Guild Mall, respectively.  It is always wise to check these malls to see if the Creatures, Heroes or other Items are available and for sale at this time.  Malls all automatically refresh every 24 hours. Refreshing the Malls costs Gems, and waiting for the Shards that you need to go on sale is a big part of the delay in acquiring high level Creatures and Heroes, so checking the Malls daily is always wise.

Guild Maps Edit

The Guild Map feature allows for 2 Battles per 24-hour period, per Map unlocked.  These do not accumulate or roll-over, so it is always wise to do the Guild Maps each day.  Doing guild maps awards Gold based on your damage, and destroying creatures in the Guild Map awards creature shards.  Completing a Dungeon in the Guild map awards Guild Credits to some players and allows the Guild Master or system to distribute bounties.  Completing an entire Guild Map provides massive amounts of Guild Credits and additional rewards to all players in the guild.  It is considered courteous to always fight and do your best in the Guild Map to help your entire guild progress.

Guild Battles Edit

The Guild Battle system involves a special event every Saturday and Wednesday which provides a great deal of extra Guild Credits and Glory Points.

For more information, please see the Guild Battles page.

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