"Infused with ancient Fae power, Essence cards grant Creatures with large amount of EXP."
Essences are special cards that have no purpose other than providing EXP to creatures in the Enhancement Process. Essences provide a large amount of EXP for a relatively low and accessible resource and often provide the best sacrifices for leveling up cards, especially through higher levels.  Essences are earned by clearing Dungeons and Maze, and can also be acquired through the "Draw 5" option in the Altar when purchasing cards with Gold, Coupons, and Gems.

Special Event Essence Shards Edit

During special events, special "gift" shards are often made available to players.  Combining 5 of these shards will result in a special gift card that works as an Essence for leveling up Creatures.

  • Holiday Shards (Christmas Gift Box, Valentines Chocolates, Easter Eggs)
    • 4-Star Essence Card that requires 5 shards to assemble.
    • Is equal to Essence IV in Exp Value when Enhancing Creatures.
    • During the Holiday event, these shards are made available as additional prizes for many actions including Exploration and Mazes.

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