Here you can access 14 maps (state Feb. 2016) which contain the dungeons, mazes and hidden dungeons.

Dungeons Edit

Dungeons are battles against computer opponents, which cost 4 energy per attempt (only 2 if the player ends up losing the battle). Beating a dungeon on easy will allow the player to be able to explore the dungeon for a specific creature's shards, it will also grant the player with 1 star, and it will unlock the following dungeon. The player will then be able to try their hand at it's normal mode, and will then be able to access it's hard mode after beating it on normal. A dungeon's normal and hard mode both contain special win conditions which are more difficult than the easy mode's "Win the battle." Completing these 2 modes will grant the player with and additional 2 stars. These stars can be used to unlock chests for each map, which contain gold, coupons, and gems.

Mazes Edit

Each map contains a maze, which is unlocked once every dungeon on the map (aside from the secret dungeon) has been beaten on easy. Each maze rewards the player with large amounts of gold, experience, and creatures as they progress through it. The battles in the mazes consist of very weak computer opponents, and sometimes even player opponents who are around the same level as you.

Map Guides Edit

Maps 3-6 offer the player with cheap booster packs, which contain gold, 4 star creatures, and essences. These guides, while not useful at all to a player who is at a high level, is very useful for low level players.

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