"The Dragons rule the skies!"
Fafnir is a 5-star Human Creature acquired from high-level Mazes. His skillset revolves around Tank, but Fafnir proves to be a truly powerful damage dealer as well with great base stats and Sweeping Blow to spread the damage.

Fafnir's Immunity 8 provides him with a whopping 80% chance to prevent Magic damage and effects, making Fafnir extremely difficult to hit with Magic Spells, Lockdowns, Debuffs and so-on.  Similarly, Dodge 5 provides 45% chance to evade physical attacks from opponents.

Technically, Fafnir is an Evasion tank which makes it harder for Support Creatures to heal and buff him because his damage intake can fluctuate drastically from round to round. By adding the Hero Talents Ice Shield and/or Ice Shell, with some Support Creatures healing, you can make Fafnir truly indestructible. 

He is in one sentence, A stronger Horned Beast.

Acquiring FafnirEdit

Fafnir can be found in higher level Mazes as a very rare reward from Gold and Ultima Chests as well as Maze Bosses. Creature Shards of Fafnir can also be collected from the Guild Bounty.

Fafnir requires 50 Creature Shards to assemble, just like all 5-star Creatures.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 10 15
ATK 350 630 770
HP 1150 1530 1720


Strategies and TacticsEdit

Dealing with Fafnir can be incredibly tricky, since he likes to Dodge attacks, and has Immunity on top of that. It is recommend that you use Anathema, or some other creature with bullseye, or Wight's death curse to get rid of him.

Melding Edit

Melding Fafnir isn't too difficult, since you'll have an unlimited supply of him if you manage to get into a good guild. His melding options are endless, and revolve around what you want his role to be. Those options include:

Creature Skills Edit

Skills Descriptions
Dodge 5 Creature has a 45% chance of being unharmed by basic attacks.
Sweeping Blow Deals DMG to the targeted Creature and any adjacent Creatures.
Immunity 8 Grants 80% chance to negate any non-Direct DMG and effects of all Talents and Skills.
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