"Burn, reduce this ugly world to ashes!"
Flame Brave is a 4-star Creature of the Faen faction. With a skill set full of offensive magic, She and Naga Mistress become the best creatures in game as magic caster.

Acquiring This CardEdit

The first Flame Brave can be obtained through victory over Dungeon 1-1.

Flame Brave can also be acquired through the Purchase Rewards (accumulate purchase of 4,000 gems), Maze, Gem Bag, Coupon Bag and Faen Booster.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 238 257 276 295 314 333 352 371 390 409 428 447 466 485 504 523
HP 849 904 959 1014 1069 1124 1179 1234 1289 1344 1399 1454 1509 1564 1619 1674

Strategies and TacticsEdit

The Flame Brave is a Faen creature with an arsenal filled with offensive spells that allows it to dish out a total of massive damage to the enemy. what is so offensive from one of these spells is that it has a burning effect on every rival card ( except cards with Immunity) ,she has a slightly low ATK and a decent amount of HP enough to survive a few hits.Her 2 round delay timer provides her with the speed required to enter a battle rapidly.

A Fire Rune allows Flame Brave to grow her potential even in late-game.

Her arsenal of skills include Pyre which targets all enemy creatures and gets more effective as the enemy number in battle increases, this advantage also works for the Blaze skill which maintains damage over time to all enemy creatures as well. She also has the Meteor which may hit a suitable target and prove efficient(creature with Frost Armor , Block , etc.) or hit a wrong target and be wasted(creature with Immunity , Reflect , etc.)

Her ATK is not that strong and is not reliable to take out enemy units, so try to raise it using another creature's ATK boosting ability such as Sprite Link . Her boosted ATK along with her arsenal of skills and allied creatures will surely produce a problem for the enemy and give you the upper hand.

Be warned : If the enemy has Spiky Bits,the Flame brave would self-destruct your ENTIRE team. Spiky Bits is a unique talent to all Neander 3-4 stars, it works as a reflect, not only to the caster but to all creatures in the caster's team. Do not use flame brave in a Neander deck, Ironic, considering Faens > Neanders.

Her assault composed of fire is better used with other creatures with offensive spells and skills as well, allowing them to follow up on her attack and deal colossal damage , obliterating the enemy team. This tactic can be countered by Immunity, so beware.

Skills Edit

Skill Description
Meteor 5 Deals 150-250 Magic DMG to a random enemy Creature.
Pyre 7 Deals 210-350 Magic DMG to all enemy Creatures.
Blaze 6 Inflicts "Flaming" upon all enemy Creatures, causing them to lose 120 HP after their action ( Except those Creatures that have resistance to burn , poison , etc...).
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