Guild Battles are special PVP events held every Wednesday and Saturday that allows individual players with multiple decks to fight on behalf of their guild and earn "Treasure", a currency only available during these events.  Individual players and guilds are calculated at the end of each event and given ranks, which have corresponding rewards including Honor, Guild Credits and even Gems.

Guild Battle BasicsEdit

Deck Heroes Guild Battle Gameplay, Basics, Tips & Tricks

Deck Heroes Guild Battle Gameplay, Basics, Tips & Tricks

The general idea behind this system is that you are Delivering Treasure from one location to another on behalf of your guild. It takes 1 Hour after you've started a convoy for your Treasure to be delivered.   While in transit, your deck can be raided by other guilds. Successfully defending against raids provides additional rewards, but losing against a raid destroys your deck and takes you out of the running.

After creating your first delivery, you can create new decks to attack other player's treasure deliveries. This is the only way to create new decks after you've created the initial delivery for the event. Only by defeating your opponent can you effectively steal some of their Treasure and generate extra based on your performance in the fight.

Creatures and Heroes used or defeated in the Treasure Deliveries cannot be used again.  Much like the revival system in the Gauntlet, destroyed cards must wait 2 hours before they can be used again.  Card currently in transit on an active team also cannot be used in additional raids, and you must wait for the delivery to be complete before using those cards again.

Any creature that is in graveyard at end of a battle is considered dead and will not be used in successive matches involving the team. Likewise, heroes and creatures will NOT reset or heal after any battle should they still be alive.  This is why its often advantageous to use multiple support creatures in Guild Battle decks to increase the survivability of your decks so that treasure can be successfully delivered.

Guild Battle RewardsEdit

By participating, even if you don't perform well, you will be rewarded with substantial Glory Points and Guild Credits. Doing well in Guild Battles also helps your Guild achieve a higher ranking, giving all of your members a chance to receive bonus Gems and more Guild Credits and Glory Points. 

At the end of battle, players will receive a select amount of credits, glory and gems depending on they're guilds rank as well as they're own rank. Players can see the amount of their rewards by clicking on the My Rank and Guild Rank buttons.

Personal Rank and Guild Rank not correlated. Doing poorly in a high-rated guild will give you a poor personal rating but you will still be sent rewards from your guild's performance. Similarly, if your personal rating is very high rest of the guild did poorly or was inactive then you will gain a sizable award for your personal performance but a very small payout for your guilds ranking.