Guild: Castle of Gods Edit

  • Level: required 18
  • Guildmaster: KingDarkPlayer
  • Capitão: mateusmt
  • Guild Br. E-mail:
  • estamos iniciando.
  • Precisamos da sua ajuda para crescer.

Guild: D.H. dos Amigos Edit

  • Level: required 40
  • Guildmaster: Verdade
  • Guild Br! Regras pelo whatsapp;
  • Top 10 GB;
  • Muita ajuda e amizade.

Guild: Sisipisi ********************************************************************** Edit

  • Level: required 20
  • Guildmaster: MazzdaiE
  • Captain: rasimcarkci
  • Maps: All maps open

Guild: WubbaLubbaDubDub Edit

  • Guild Master: den_deze
  • Members: any

Dudes, Join the greatest guilt in this universe! I want to be the best and I will not stop until we are the best! United we stand!!

Come on, join me and let's kicksome ass together!!

PS: Bring your portal gun

PS2: Szechuan sauce is the best!


  • Level required 35
  • Guildmaster-Hellfire211
  • Captain-Lucius211
  • Maps- All maps open
  • Need active players .We have a shardsystem and In our guild real life is always preferred first

.Join and have fun.

Guild: Brave Armadillos. Edit

New guild players who play ever day. Lets JOIN!


ZAPRASZAMY WSZYSTKICH AKTYWNYCH POLAKÓW WYMAGANY LVL 80+. Oraz posiadanie komunikatora line. Nasz nick w grze to HuS... top 10 w guild war:-D

Guild: Crayzturkish (Türk Clanı) US SERVER Edit

1-6 map all clear. 7. map need energy for unlock. 13-15 active members. No lvl limit - no need line, we need only active members.

1-6 haritalar temizlendi. 7. harita kilidini açmak için enerjiye ihtiyacımız var. Şuan 13- 15 arası aktif üyemiz var. Level sınırımız yok, line uygulaması yok, sadece aktif playerlere ihtiyacımız var. Özellikle Türk arkadaşları clanımıza bekleriz. Us serverindeyiz.

Guild: new one Edit

We are a guild run by a greedy idiot who kicks people out for no reason. Warning - dont join this guild.

Minimum level:15

Guild: The First Order Edit

We are a top 100 guild. We can clear all maps within a week. NOTE no Line APP needed, first come, first serve. Contribute atleast 350 daily and if inactive after 2 days, you are dismissed

  • Guild Master: Mp53r
  • Members: 40/50
  • Maps: 6 maps open
  • Requiered level to apply: 40
  • We are looking for new members now!

Guild: Legends Reborn Edit

The end result of a merging between Victrix Mortalis and shadowblades,  we are a powerful guild indeed. Smashing maps in 4 days or less,  getting into the top 60 of guild wars,  make no mistake, we are a top end guild.  

We are looking for new members now! New applicants must: 

*be courteous and friendly.  

*have the LINE app.  

*be of lvl 70 or greater 

*be active both in game and in line chat.  

*be able to have fun as we are a very cheerful lot and would love new members. 

Are you up for it?  Please contact myself on the LINE app if interested via my invite code of zeratual for the interview . 

Look forward to meeting you! 

Richard knox.

Guild: Kaos Heaven 2 Edit

  • Guild Master: Lord Chucky
  • Captains: Akuma-chan
  • Members: 26/50 Changing from day to day. We are very active in reqruting and our guild will be full soon
  • Rank: Top 200 (We were top50 guild before but recently promoted a lot of members to main guild which is top 10 guild at the moment.
  • Maps: All maps unlocked.
  • Requirements:
    • Level 40+
    • 340+ Daily Contribution or 2400 weekly
    • We are casual regarding Guild Wars. We count war effort. Don't have  minimums for war but contribution is very important if you want to apply for shards
    • Must be active on LINE
  • Communication: We communicate through LINE.
  • Other: We have very fair shard system. All members are equal. All maps are open. PM Lord Chucky or Akuma-chan in LINE app to apply.

Guild: The Deathless Edit

  • Guild Master : Analiza06 (alt of Sinister22)
  • Map : 1 open
  • Requirements : Need active players with at least 100 energy contributions daily. Shards are free for all. No need to be high level, just play daily and attack guildmaps. The guild name is Case sensitive so please Capitalize T and D.

Guild: SebastesFlavidus Edit

  • Guild Master: Renek
  • Members: 22/50
  • Maps: 6 Map open.
  • Required level to apply: Level 20+ and active (no line required, preferred 40+)
  • Rank: Top 100 (Normally around 50)
  • Just apply via guild building

Guild: BreakerEdit

  • Guild Master: Bocaben
  • Captains: Hour and Munted
  • Members: 47/50
  • Rank: Top 100 (Normally around 60-70)
  • Maps: All maps unlocked.
  • Requirements:
    • Level 60
    • 300+ Daily Contribution
    • Must be active on LINE
  • Communication: We communicate through LINE.
  • Other: Fully functional and efficient shard system is in place.
  • Descriptions: We are friendly and supportive, but don't tolerate slackers. If you can't contribute even the bare minimum, then don't apply. Add "bocaben" or on LINE for more details regarding application.

Guild: FullOfHate Edit

  • Guild Master: dumblemort
  • Members: 7/50
  • Maps: 2 Maps are unlocked and open
  • Requiered level to apply: 20. no Minimum contribution is required.
  • Took over from an inactive guild master. Few active members so looking to beef up. Join us there are lots of spare shards.

Guild: mYinsanity Edit

  • Guild Master: Choosen0nR
  • Members: 45/50
  • Maps: All maps opened
  • Requiered level to apply: 55
  • We communicate through line. So add me on Line. LINE id : UNR34L

Guild: Castle Edit

  • Guild Master:
  • Members: 44/50
  • Maps: All Maps unlocked. All maps are actively cleared.
  • Required level to apply: Level 40+. Friendly and competitive guild.

Guild: Bomb Squad Edit

  • Guild Master: RB413
  • Members: 49
  • Maps:1-5 unlocked, currently on 5.8
  • Required level to apply: 45

Guild: The Warriors Edit

  • Guild Master: IronWing
  • Members: 37/50
  • Maps: 1-3 Unlocked
  • Required level to apply: lvl 35 Active players are to be a part of this guild, we are growing quickly so act soon.

Guild: Altar of Storms Edit

  • Guild Master: DeShadow
  • Members: 50/50
  • Maps: 3 maps open, almost to 4th.
  • Level 20+ for now but you must prove your worth.
  • Active daily players only. Multiple days away without letting leader know will get you removed.
  • All members required to take part in guild maps and battles or be removed.

Guild: Mafia Cats Edit

  • Guild Master: Kupal
  • Members: 46/50
  • Maps: Maps 1-3 unlocked
  • Required level to apply: 40. Very friendly and highly competitive guild. All active players are welcome.

Guild: Boobanies Edit

  • Guild Master: cosmiccandy
  • Members: 45/50
  • Maps: 1 and 2
  • Required level to apply: All active players are welcome

Guild: Royal Edit

  • Guild Master: Absoul
  • Members: 40+, always looking for strong people
  • Maps: Second map unlocked
  • Add Absoul on Cubie if you want to join, ID is g799966.

Guild: Foxtrot Echo Edit

  • Guild Master: xxix
  • Members: 50

Guild: Booty Choppers (Total Suckers) Edit

  • Guild Master: Spunkdunk
  • Members: 50
  • Awesome level: The most Boss-Awesomest!!!
  • Maps: First Map Unlocked

Guild: No F@(king Sleep (NFS) Edit

  • Guild Owner: Hitmus
  • Members: 40
  • Maps: 6 maps unlocked
  • Required level to apply: 90
  • To apply contact LINE ID: grandfather021

Guild: World P Edit

  • Guild Master: Tysmoosion
  • Members: 48
  • Maps:First Map Unlocked

Guild: Pony club Edit

  • Guild Master: Love-Town
  • Members:13
  • Awesome level: Pretty darn awesome

Guild: PerfectioN Edit

  • Guild Master: pFnGreen
  • Members:13

Guild: Ulricknights Edit

  • Guild Master: Kristov
  • Members: any
  • Maps: First map unlocked!
  • apply to the guild now! :)

Guild: España Edit

  • Guild Master: Beruse
  • Members: 45/50
  • Maps: First map unlocked
  • Unanse comunidad de habla hispana

Guild: Asura Edit

  • Guild Master: faennath
  • Members: 25/50
  • Maps:I like ponies
  • Required level to apply: only 100 level upwards
  • Restrictions Any : None

Guild: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Edit

  • Guild Master: Lonewolf_Devlin
  • Members: 40/50
  • Maps: 1 and 2
  • Required level to apply: none
  • Restrictions Any : Line required

Guild: boomville Edit

  • Guild Master: Jeren77
  • Members: 4/50
  • Required level to apply: none
  • Restrictions Any : 200 points contributed a day and no afk for 48 hours. Also have fun.

Guild: Earthlings Edit

  • Guild Master: Milz
  • Maps: 1 Map open.
  • Required level to apply: 60. 400 contribution/day. Able to deliver 25k in GB
  • Values: We all come from an experience guild that recently broke up. Group of friendly people, willing to help others learn that want to progress in Deck Heroes. Includes organized sharing system for GM.
  • Communication: LINE required. Contact Milz for details.


  • Guild Master : ≈U≈Sjahranie
  • Maps : 6 Opened
  • Member : 36/50
  • Regional : INDONESIA

Guild: krous O Megas Edit

  • Guild Master: hokdoJAT
  • Maps: 2 opened (awaiting contributing members)
  • Members: 3/50
  • Required level to apply: 30
  • Restrictions Any : 4 days no login and you are dismissed

Guild: Spartan Wolf Edit

  • Guild Master: Hosikimaru
  • Maps: 1 opened
  • Members: 6/50
  • Required level to apply: 20
  • Gifts for new members pm for info

Guild: 4747 (Chinese Guild) Edit

  • Guild Master: chyj4747
  • Maps: 1-6 opened
  • Required level to apply: 20
  • We use QQ to cumunicate. QQ group: 387357495

Guild: quebec Edit

  • Guild Master: Hera2000
  • Maps: 1-7 opened
  • Required level to apply: 20
  • All are welcome