Guild Picture

A Guild in Deck Heroes is a group of up to 50 players bound together for new rewards through the Guild Maps, Guild Mall and Guild Battles. There is no downside to being in a guild, so it's a great idea to join. To create or apply to a guild, use the guild interface on the main screen.

Players who are in a guild will earn special benefits, such as access to the Guild Mall with 4-Star Hero Shards, earning 5-Star Creature Shards through the Guild Maps, Creature Cards, and more! There are no reasons not to be in a guild, and even if you're very new to the game you can help a guild out by providing Contribution, allowing them to open more Maps - so don't hesitate to join a Guild!

People in a guild help out as a team to clear the Guild maps, and by doing so getting the chance to apply for a reward of your choice!

You can find a list of Guilds at the Guild List page, where you can also post information about your own guild, and even recruit members.Gui

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