Hero Skills Edit

Each hero is gifted with a primary unique ability that activates on their turn following their Rage bar reaching 100. These skills are diverse and powerful and range from Creature Buffs to Direct Damage or Healing. The power of the Hero Skill is not necessarily related to their Star Rating, although the overall power (including number of Talents and Base HP) often makes better rated Heroes the clear choice.

Leveling Up Skills through Enhancement Edit

Each Hero can level up their skill through the Enhancement tool. Leveling up skills simply takes additional Hero Shards of the corresponding Hero. There is no chance involved when Enhancing Hero skills.

Hero skills do not all Level Up at the same pace, meaning that while some Hero Skills may start off strong, they may not be worth investing additional Shards into for Leveling up since they do not scale well. Inversely, some Hero Skills may appear weak at level 1 but scale up rapidly to become exceedingly powerful. The chart below includes information about Scaling with the ΔF column.

While some ΔF are based on the actual % of increase, others (like the Summoning Skills) have been assigned a value based on the increase in their overall effectiveness on the battlefield, if you wish to change the skill of your hero , you would have to pay either gems or glory but it is garunteed that you will get a higher level skill everytime.

List of Skills Edit

Human Skills Edit

Icon Skill Hero Type ΔF Description
Protect skill
Protect Einherjar Buff 10% Protects Creature with least HP. Protected Creature gains 20% (+ 2% per Rank) of HP and takes 20% (+ 2% per Rank) less DMG. 50% of DMG left is dealt to Hero.
Awaken skill
Awaken Diva Heal 12% Restores 40% (+ 5% per Rank) HP to 2 Creatures with the most HP lost.
Pirate Jig skill
Pirate Jig Captain Crook Buff 20% Reduces ATK of all enemy Creatures by 50 (+ 10 per Rank) and increases ATK of all your Creatures by 50 (+ 10 per Rank).
Vengeance skill
Vengeance Sir Valmourn Buff 20% Increases ATK by 50 (+ 10 per Rank) and restores 50 (+ 10 per Rank) HP for all Creatures. Effect is multiplied by number of Creatures in Graveyard.
Holy star skill
Holy Star Patriach Multi 13% Deals Direct DMG to enemy Creatures equal to 15% (+ 2% per Leve) of Max HP and restores HP of your creatures equal to 15% (+ 2% per Leve) of Max HP.
Chains skill
Chains Gladiator DMG 13% Links DMG for enemy Creatures until your turn ends. 15% (+ 2% per Rank) DMG taken by 1 enemy is dealt to all others. Activates when 2 or more enemies are in play.
Summon dragon skill
Summon Dragon Dragon Rider Summon 50% Summons a Lv 1 (+ 1 per Rank) Dragon with Immolation. Only 1 Dragon can be summoned at a time.
Blessing skill
Blessing Royal Guard Buff 10% Blesses your Creatures until end of enemy turn. Guarantees at least 500 (+ 50 per Rank) HP left after an attack. Creatures with less than that wont lose HP.
Holy hand skill
Holy Hand Thor DMG ??? Deals 200(+ 20 per Rank till Lv 9 then +40) Direct DMG to enemy Creatures and has 40%(+ 5% per Rank till Lv 9 then + 20%) chance to Stun opponents. Stunned opponents skip next action.
Prayer skill
Prayer Warlock Heal 10% Dispels and grants your Creatures immunity against all negative status effects until the end of your opponent's next turn.  Also restores 25% (+ 5% per Rank) HP.
Melt Armor skill
Melt Armor Alchemist Debuff ??? Deals direct DMG equal to 300 and inflicts "Melt Armor" on all enemy creatures. Enemy Creatures with Melt Armor take Direct DMG equal to 300 if they cast Ice Armor, Maji Shield, Block, Immunity, Reflect or Stoneskin. No Rage will be generated for the additional damage dealt. In addition, when a creature inflicted with Melt Armor Dies, All the enemy creatures will get a X amount of direct damage also.
Holy hand skill
Divine Wrath Odin DMG ??? Decreases all enemy creatures' HP and Max HP by 20% (capped at 2,000 HP).
Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide Warbringer DMG Deals 500 Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures and has a 50% chance to inflict Rupture (cannot be removed). Creatures affected by Rupture will lose 250 HP and Max HP at the start of their turn. Ruptured Creatures are disabled when their HP falls below 50% of Max HP, and will lose double the amount of HP and Max HP at the start of their turn. Enemy Hero will not gain any Rage from the HP lose.

Faen Skills Edit

Icon Skill Hero Type ΔF Description
Summon elemental skill
Summon Elemental Stormkallar Summon 25% Summons a Lv 1 (+ 1 per Rank) Elemental with Reprisal. Only 1 Elemental can be summoned at a time.
Hunter's prey skill
Hunter's Prey Nightraider DMG 20% Distributes 500 (+ 100 per Rank) Direct DMG among all enemy Creatures.
Scatter skill
Scatter Arcane Witch Utility 13% Deals 150 (+ 20 per Rank) Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures, and then, rearranges them from least to most HP.
Boom skill
Boom Agni DMG 15% Deals 500 (+ 75 per Rank) Direct DMG to enemy Hero. Effect is increased by 1.0% (+0.1% per Rank) for every point of enemy Hero's Rage.
Thorn wall skill
Thorn Wall Poison Ivy Buff 33% If your Creatures are attacked, they'll reflect 15% (+ 5% per Rank) of inflicted Direct DMG back at their attackers.
Deadly blow skill
Deadly Blow Bowmaster DMG 8% Deals 300 (+ 25 per Rank) Direct DMG to two enemy Creatures furthest right. DMG increased by 50 (+ 10 per Rank) for each enemy Creature in play.
Entangle skill
Entangle Devil Hunter Utility 8% If the HP of an enemy Creature falls below 50% (+ 4% per Rank), it will be unable to launch physical attacks.
Summon grizzly skill
Summon Grizzly Predator Summon 25% Summons a Lv 1 (+ 1 per Rank) Grizzly with Steel fur. Only 1 Grizzly can be summoned at a time.
Earth's embrace skill
Earth's Embrace Judgement Buff ??? Restores 200 (+ 40 per Rank) HP to your Creatures whenever they take DMG until end of enemy's turn.
Clone skill
Clone Oceanus Summon 10% Clones the highest costing enemy Creature in play with 50% (+ 15 per Rank) HP and ATK of the original Creature.
Execution skill
Execution Light's Hand DMG ? Attacks all enemy Creatures for Direct DMG equal to 300 and has a 20% chance to inflict Execute on them. If Creatures inflicted with Execute are destroyed in 3 rounds, they cannot be revived.
Storm ward skill
Storm Ward Druidess Multi ?? Casts Ward on your first 1 creatures, allowing them to negate the majority of damage taken and deal 200 direct damage to all enemy creatures. Has a 5% chance to prevent enemy creatures from healing this round. Ward will end once triggered three times.
Shade Power
Shade's Descent Galerond's Shade Summon ? Summons a Shade with Iron Will, Poise 1, and Awaken Galerond 1 into battle. Upgrade the Hero's skill to increase the Shade's ATK and Max Hp, Only 1 Shade can be summoned at any time.

Neanders Skills Edit

Icon Skill Hero Type ΔF Description
Strike back skill
Strike Back Wild Rose DMG 20% Deals 50 (+ 10 per Rank) Direct DMG to enemy Creatures. Effect is increased by 5% for every 1% Health lost by your Hero.
Battlelust skill
Battlelust Guilt Buff 20% Increases ATK of Creature with lowest ATK by 100 (+ 20 per Rank). Effect increased by 20 (+20 per Rank) for each enemy Creature in play.
Battlewill skill
Battlewill Zora Marauder Buff 20% 20% (+ 4% per Rank) DMG taken is converted to ATK.
Blood rite skill
Blood Rite Elder Mawrek DMG 20% Deals 100 (+ 20 per Rank) Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures and restored Hero Health equal to double the total Direct DMG dealt.
Frenzy skill
Frenzy Legion DMG 17% Deals 300 (+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG to one enemy Creature while maintaining your Hero's Rage at 50 (+ 2 per Rank).
Blood rage skill
Blood Rage Tauro Brute DMG 13% Sacrifice 10% of your Hero's HP to deal 400 (+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG to 2 random enemy Creatures.
Fiery elixir skill
Fiery Elixir Paw Master DMG 20% Deals 500 (+ 100 per Rank) Direct DMG to enemy Creature with the least HP, negating Rebirth while your Creature with the least HP increases HP by 30% (+ 5% per Rank) and ATK by 30% (+ 5% per Rank).
Summon boar skill
Summon Boar Berserker Summon 50% Summons a Lv 1 (+1 per Rank) Boar with Infuriate, Wrath, and Resist. Up to 3 Boars can be summoned at a time.
Butcher skill
Butcher Blademaster DMG 15% Deals 350(+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG +50% of damage sustained to all enemy Creatures, instantly killing those with less than 20% (+ 2% per Rank) HP.
Crazed sorrow skill
Crazed Sorrow Captivator Utility ??? Makes all enemy Creatures attack one enemy Creature with 100% (Rank 10) ATK.
Elemental vapor skill
Elemental Vapor Hydra DMG ??? Deals 300 Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures and has a chance to inflict either one or more of the following statuses: Freeze, Paralysis, Burn, Poison.
CinderBlight.png Cinder Blight Cinder Spirit DMG Inflicts a blight on all enemy Creatures. Successful basic attacks reduce the Rage of enemy Hero by 5 and deals Direct DMG equal to 50% of this Creature's ATK. Enemy Hero does not gain any Rage from DMG inflicted by this skill. Effects of blight last for 2 rounds and cannot be removed by Prayer.
Requiem_skill.png Requiem Vile Songstress DMG, Control Requiem will disable the 2 rightmost enemy Creatures and deal 20% of their Max HP (capped at 1,000) as Direct DMG each turn. When their HP is below 20%, they become immune to disabling effects, can't use Skills, and will attack their own Hero. They will also recover HP equal to 10% of the DMG they deal. If Requiem is negated, deal 1000 Direct DMG to the affected Creatures.

Mortii Skills Edit

Icon Skill Hero Type ΔF Description
Grief skill
Grief Chaos Witch DMG 10% Deals 500 (+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG to enemy Hero and reduces enemy Hero's Rage by 30 (+ 2 per Rank).
Enfeeble skill
Enfeeble Necrolorde Debuff 50% Reduces ATK of 2 enemy Creatures with the highest ATK by 100 (+ 50 per Rank).
Slaughter skill
Slaughter Katrice DMG 10% Deals 500 (+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG to enemy Hero. Effect increased by 100 (+ 10 per Rank) for each Creature in your Graveyard.
Death call skill
Death Call Defiler Debuff 10% Reduces enemy Creatures' ATK by 50 (+ 5 per Rank) and HP by 50 (+ 5 per Rank). Both effects increased by 20 (+ 5 per Rank) for each Creature in opponent's Graveyard.
Snitch skill
Snitch Frigid Queen Multi 38% Transfers up to 200 (+ 75 per Rank) ATK from enemy Creature with highest ATK to your Creature with lowest ATK.
Death curse skill
Death Curse Wight DMG 23% Deals 400 (+ 50 per Rank) Direct DMG to 2 enemy creature swith the most HP after their next turn. DMG dealt is increased by 0.1 (+ 0.1 per Rank) times every turn.
Summon puppet skill
Summon Puppet Deathmort Summon 25% Summons a Lv 1 (+ 1 per Rank) Puppet with Acrimony. Only 1 Puppet can be summoned at a time.
Corpse explosion
Corpse Explosion Balrog DMG 20% Blows up random Creature in opponent's Graveyard. Deals Direct DMG to enemy Creatures equal to 10% (+ 2% per Rank) of exploded Creature's HP. Capped at 500 (+100 per Rank)
Ghoul feast skill
Ghoul Feast Overlord Mutli ??? The highest costing Creature in your opponent's Graveyard becomes Feast.  Your Creatures in play regain HP equal to 20% (+ 2.5 per Rank) Feast's HP.  Also increases ATK by 20% (+ 2.5 per Rank) Feast's ATK.
Reanimate skill
Reanimate Armageddon Revive 10% Ressurects the enemy Creature with the highest Cost into your services.  Its HP and ATK are 100% (+ 10% per Rank) of the original stats.
Scourge skill
Scourge Spirit Arbiter DMG ? Randomly deals 50% of max HP + 500 as Direct damage to 1 enemy Creatures (capped at 5000 damage). Also has a 45% chance to remove a Creature killed by Scourge from play. If no Creatures are killed, your Hero gains 20 Rage.
Dominion skill
Dominion Taskmistress Clone ? When activated it Clones up to 2 random enemy Creatures with 30% ATK to fight for you and send up to 1 random enemy Creatures back to the player's hand with a reduced wait time of 2. If the player's hand is full, the Creatures will be returned to the Deck. The cloned Creatures will disappear after taking their turns.
Deadeye Wraith Hunter DMG The hero ability of Wraith Hunter, Deadeye deals Direct DMG to a few random enemies and inflicts the Soul Mark debuff on them.  Gives the Pursuit buff to all your Neander and Mortii Creatures.  Before a Creature with Pursuit does their basic attack, they deal additional Direct DMG to all enemies with Soul Mark.  Creatures destroyed by this skill are shattered.
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