Deck Heroes has multiple "Hidden Dungeons" within the Explorer's Gate that are unlocked by defeating specific Dungeons on that map on Hard Difficulty. Hidden Dungeons often offer rewards for winning on Easy, Normal and/or Hard, and also generally open up access to new Creature Cards through Exploration.

It is important to note that in order to gain access to Hidden Dungeons, the player needs to not only defeat the specific Dungeon on Hard, but also needs to open up a pathway to that select Dungeon on easy.  For example, on Map 3 the player unlocks Dungeon 3-9 by beating 3-5 on hard. In order to access 3-9, however, the player will need to have won battles on easy up to and including 3-8.

The hidden dungeons can be recognized by the question mark symbol. For locked dungeons it will show as a greyed out symbol Hidden dungeon locked and for unlocked it will show as a gold symbol Hidden dungeon unlocked

List of Hidden Dungeons:Edit

  • Unlock Dungeon 3-9 by beating 3-5 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 4-9 by beating 4-6 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 5-10 by beating 5-7 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 6-10 by beating 6-6 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 7-11 by beating 7-8 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 8-12 by beating 8-6 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 9-12 by beating 9-8 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 10-12 by beating 10-6 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 11-12 by beating 11-11 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 12-12 by beating 12-8 on hard. 
  • Unlock Dungeon 13-12 by beating 13-6 on hard 
  • Unlock Dungeon 14-12 by beating 14-8 on hard
  • Unlock Dungeon 15-12 by beating 15-8 on hard.
  • Unlock Dungeon 16-12 by beating 16-11 on hard.

Rewards for Hidden DungeonsEdit

Each Hidden Dungeon has rewards for defeating the opponent on different difficulties, and generally also grants access to a new Creature through Exploration.

3-9 Arcadia -- Black Sky CorralEdit

4-9 Harsh Desert -- MirageEdit

5-10 Thundramados -- Deer TundraEdit

6-10 Mount Wyvern -- Firevern PlateuEdit

7-11 Devagati -- LabyrinthEdit

8-12 Ragnarok -- Restless Realm Edit

9-12 Mosada -- Nightmare Vortex Edit

10-12 Inferno -- Altar of the Ruins Edit

11-12 Celestia - Fort Blaklaut Edit

12-12 Dread Cliffs -- Cape Thunderkrak Edit

13-12 Sunken World -- The Shipwreck Edit

14-12 The Core -- Flame Reborn Edit

15-12 Distortion World -- Time Warp Edit

16-12 Galaxy Cluster -- Starlight Hall Edit

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