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Jormungand is a 5-star creature of the Mortii Faction.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring Jormungand Edit

The most efficient and common way for one to acquire Jormungand is through the Mines. 500 Ore can be exchanged for one Jormungand Shard.

Like all 5-stars, Jormungand takes 50 shards to complete.

He is also available as a full card in the Gem Bag, and certain Boosters.

Skills Edit

  • Stoneskin - Grants Protection from Instakill, Retreat, and Disposal.
  • Reflect 10 - Reduces the magic damage this creature takes by 50% and deals 50% + 300 direct damage to the caster.
  • Dispel 9 - Increases ATK by 180% when there is a Magic Skill Carrying Enemy Creature.

Stratagies and Tactics Edit

Jormungand is essentially a highly upgraded version of Moon Guardian. His Reflect 10 proves devastating to caster based decks, unlike Immunity, you can seal, discord, paralyze, or freeze Jormungand, however any type of Pyre, Tempest, Thor's Rage, or Soul Swap will trigger his skill, and sometime he can deal over 500+ Direct damage back to the attacker. This can be quite some damage to casters creatures, as they generally rely on Lockdown for protection and have low Physical or Debuff Tanking.

Jormungand doesn't have Immunity, but his Stoneskin + Reflect makes up for it. Reflect is the More risky, but more aggressive version of Immunity.

Beware, Direct Damage like Assasinate or Poison will not trigger Reflect.

Also he posseses the Dispell skill, making him a truly difficult enemy for caster decks and essentially punishing the enemy for using magic.

Melds Edit

Farming Jormungand is easy, due to the mines. If you manage to get copies of him, don't meld Immunity. He already has stoneskin, and Immunity sort of negates the aggressive benefits of Reflect.

More viable options would be Battleblow to nearly one hit most cards with magic creatures in their decks, and Frost armor to make a good Tank and support. Finally Unbound makes sure he will launch his attacks and wreak havoc.

Images Edit

Power Chart Edit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 478 510 542 574 606 638 670 702 734 766 798 830 862 894 926 958
HP 1535 1594 1653 1712 1771 1830 1889 1948 2007 2066 2125 2184 2243 2302 2361 2420

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Lore Edit Jormungand is a mythical monster.

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