"I destroy for the sake of creation!"

Michael is a 4-star creature card of the Human faction.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Power Chart[edit | edit source]

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 312 337 362 387 412 437 462 487 512 537 562 587 612 637 662 687
HP 795 826 857 888 919 950 981 1012 1043 1074 1105 1136 1167 1198 1229 1260

Creature Skills[edit | edit source]

Bullseye (LV. 0) - The opponent being attacked may not dodge, use Frost Armor, Tough Hide, or Dark Clone.

This skill is very powerful due to the fact that it can bypass mitigation skills.

Warlust 8 (LV. 5) - Increases ATK by 120% if the enemy Creature across has more HP

This skill is very powerful against creatures with more HP than Michael, typically 5 star creatures. A similar creature that makes great use of Warlust, is the Centaur Chief. Warlust is very powerful combined with Bullseye, as it can inflict major amounts of DMG to creatures without the damage being mitigated/avoided.

Holy Shield 7 (LV. 10) - Creates a shield that grants 350 HP to max HP. Value of HP is restored during its turn.

Holy Shield is a fantastic self HP buff. It's similar to the HP buffs of Elven Salve 7, Unholy Pact 7, Earth Totem 7, and Sage Advice 7, but with the ability to heal it's value each turn.

Strategies and Tactics[edit | edit source]

Depending on what you want, Immunity 7-9, Frost Armor, and Battleblow 8 are good choices for melds. He is best played to the left since he has Bullseye and Warlust to take out big targets and can be very useful in mid to late game.

Side Note: Michael melded with Battleblow 8 from Alert Guard and Oracle melded with Frost Armor have an amazing synergy and are very easy to get once you get to map 14. Multiples of these creatures in combination with Zora Marauder's Battle Will skill and a single Mythril Drone can make short work of most guild maps.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite having only 1105 HP at Level 10, his Holy Shield HP buff gives him 350 more HP. This increases Michael's total max HP at Level 10 to 1455 HP.
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