"Arise and be renewed."
Oracle is a 4-star Human Creature acquired exclusively through Exploration.  Her skillset puts her firmly in the role of Support, and being one of the rare Creature Cards with both Bless and Mass Heal, she is considered an Ultra-Healer.  Her Sage Advice skill fits very nicely in with a Human Deck and solidifies her as one of the best 4-star Supports in the game when used in a Human Deck.

With 1715 HP at level 15, she has the survivabilty needed to support Creatures through the toughest of fights, but still should avoid heavy hitting fighters.  Play her as far right as you can so she can continue to heal your Creatures and Hero and provide her HP Buff to your Fighters and Tanks.

Oracle can perform the role of Tank if she is Melded with Frost Armor.  If you want to ensure that she avoids Lock-Downs, then fitting her with Immunity is another great option to keep her healing through the chaos.  Finally, you could choose to round her support abilities out with Delay or Frostbite, helping increase the survivability of your other Creatures by disabling the enemies.

Oracle is the pinacle of her lineage. (Missionary < Devotee < Blood Warlock < Oracle) Dragonlord also has Bless 10, but since he is so rare, Oracle is definitely recommended for Bless.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring This CardEdit

Oracle is acquired through Creature Shards found in Exploration at 6-3, 6-6 and 6-9.

Like all 4-star Creatures, she requires 30 Creature Shards to be assembled.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 175 190 205 220 235 250 265 280 295 310 325 340 355 370 385 400
HP 800 861 922 983 1044 1105 1166 1227 1288 1349 1410 1471 1532 1593 1654 1715

Strategies and TacticsEdit

When it comes to buffing and healing, stacking multiples in conjuction with eachother proves extremely effective.  1 Oracle cannot keep your team alive through a full battlefield of enemy creatures, and while she may prove to get a lucky save, she does not make an impact on the battlefield.  However, with multiple Oracles on the field at once, you can create a situation where your team becomes truly difficult to take down without resorting to Instakills.

Put one or two Oracles in a Long-Game Human deck to extend the buff stacking and help create the massive Creatures Humans are known for. If you are to put more than one Oracle on the field, please be wary if the foe has any Titania. Titania's unique skill: Chainstrike will deal a heavy blow to your Oracles.

Ultra-Healers often a Neccesity in Guild Maps if you want to last more than 10-15 turns, due to the enemy Heroes massive Direct DMG Talent.  Oracle and Blood Warlock are the only two viable options to fill this role.

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