"A pious hermit, a faithful guardian, a vicious killer."
Paladin is a 4-star Human Creature obtained through Exploration.  The Paladin's skill-set is that of a specialized Fighter, called a Line-Breaker, which is especially effective in taking down difficult targets.  Bullseye allows him to cut through Mitigation Tanks, making him especially powerful against other Human Decks.  His Ambush ability makes him exceptionally powerful during his first Round, so its often best to target him directly in-front of the target you need to take down.

After the initial Line-Break, Paladin becomes a Long-Game Fighter with his powerful Anger Skill, but is desperately lacking in survivability.  His raw ATK at level 15 is 773, higher than almost all other Creatures in the Game including most Level 10 5-star Creatures.  Building a strategy around Paladin's Long-Game to further to enhance his survivability is absolutely a valid option.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring PaladinEdit

Paladin is acquired by collecting Creature Shards from dungeons 7-1, 7-5 and 7-9.

Like all 4-star Creatures, 30 Creature Shards are required to assemble a Paladin.

Skills Edit

  • Ambush 6 - Increases ATK by 300 during the first round.
  • Anger 8 - Increases ATK by 80 after taking physical DMG.
  • Bullseye - The opponent being attacked may not dodge, use Frost Armor, Tough Hide, or Dark Clone.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 293 325 357 389 421 453 485 517 549 581 613 645 677 709 741 773
HP 857 894 931 968 1005 1042 1079 1116 1153 1190 1227 1264 1301 1338 1375 1412


When Melding, there are two primary options to consider - increased damage or defense:

  • Consecrate 6 - Increase his power ensuring a first strike of over 2000 against Mortii creatures
  • Battleblow 8 - Increase his potential damage output drastically
  • Sneak 8 - Requires Flaming or another debilitating effect, but greatly increases his damage output
  • Frost Armor - Protection against getting hit back by a physical damage dealer
  • Immunity - Protection from spell damage and lockdown effects

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Paladin hits hard but can be frail, so it's generally best to deploy him directly on top of whatever troublesome tank you want to take out, and expect him to die shortly thereafter. By using a combination of Support creatures with Recycle and strong tanks, you can control the board and open holes by redeploying Paladin where he'll do the most damage.

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