"My brew of fine wine is as much a work of art as my fists of fury."

Paw Master is a 4 Star Hero Card of the Neander Faction.

Acquiring This Card[edit | edit source]

This card can be acquired through Trials, Credits Mall, Hero Altar, Token Mall, Guild Mall and The Gauntlet.

3x Paw Master shards can be bought from the Credits Mall for 1,200 Credits.

3x Paw Master shards can be bought from the Token Mall for 1,200 Tokens.

3x Paw Master shards can be bought from the Guild Mall for 900 shards.

You need to acquire 75 Hero Shards to get Paw Master.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Hero Skill[edit | edit source]

Fiery Elixir

Deals a specific Direct DMG to enemy Creature with the least HP, negating Rebirth while your Creature with the least HP increases HP by a percentage (capped at 2,000 Health) and ATK by a specific percentage. 

To see the Power Chart.

Hero Talents[edit | edit source]

Talent 1 Pool[edit | edit source]

Neander Might (1-10 level)

Neander Life (1-10 level)

Neander Strength (1-10 level)

Neander Aura (1-10 level)

Talent 2 Pool[edit | edit source]

Static (1-10) Stormcloud (1-10)
Hail (1-10) Deep Freeze (1-10)
Firewall (1-10) Kindle (1-10)
Toxic Mire (1-10) Death Cloud (1-10)
Burst Fire (1-10) Five on It (1-10)
Strikeback (1-10) Bloodthirst (1-10)
Full Alert (1-10) Parry (1-10)
Spiky Bits (1-10) Battle Set (1-10)
Firestorm (1-10) Phalanx (1-10)
Entrap 3 (1-1) Entrap 4 (1-1)
Fearless (1-1) Deathdance (1-1)
Corpse Chill (1-1)

Talent 3 Pool[edit | edit source]

The same as Talent 2 Pool.

Strategies and Tactics[edit | edit source]

Additional Information Required.

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