"The Sword will maintain the Balance."
The Phantom Liege is a 5-star Creature of the Mortii faction, and a very powerful one too.

Its combination of Life Sap together with Sweeping Blow makes it a very hard opponent from time to time. Also the Seals skill, when timed correctly can be a complete game-changer by incapacitating the enemy for one turn.

Acquiring This CardEdit

The Phantom Liege can be found in Gem Bags, Coupon Bags, Mazes, Lucky Spin, Gauntlet, Guild Map, Mortii Booster.

He probably the best 5 star creature that be acquired through coupon bag.

Skill Edit

Sweeping Blow - Deals DMG to the targeted Creature and any adjacent Creatures.

Seals - Prevents all enemy Creatures from attacking when played.

Life Sap 8 - Restores HP equal to 80% of all physical DMG dealt to opponents.

Melding Edit

Phantom Liege has a versatile role in deck, he can be fighter and lock-down at the same time. And can be melded with various skill depend on what you need.

Frost Armor - For a tanky approach it is recommended to use Frost Armor as a protection. With his high HP pool and Life Sap skill, it will takes a couple round to beat him.

Immunity - With high HP pool and Life Sap skill, Phantom Liege is rarely get beaten by physical damage but, magic damage can easily hurt him. Immunity is a great option for making him stay alive a bit longer.

If you want a more aggressive offensive strategy you should try Battleblow 8 or Sacrifice 8. Battleblow and Sacrifice will boost Phantom Liege ATK stats. And with Sweeping Blow, three creatures within adjacent tiles could die easily.

Add Venom Edge or Frost Blade as a melding option could also poses as decent threat for enemy deck.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 363 389 415 441 467 493 519 545 571 597 623 649 675 701 727 753
HP 1275 1315 1355 1395 1435 1475 1515 1555 1595 1635 1675 1715 1755 1795 1835 1875

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Put in the the second slot beside two other creatures, maximize the sweeping blow effect and life sap effect. Best to pass turn one if the card is in your hand so you can AoE stun enemy creatures.