In Deck Heroes, every Player has a Player Profile which indicates and controls Player Name, Player Level & Experience, Friends, PVP Win Rate and a Player Avatar.

The Player Profile is accessed by clicking on the Circular icon in the top left of the Landing Page.


Player NameEdit

Players may change their Handle within the game once for Free by hitting the green "Edit" button on the Profile page. After the initial namechange from "Guest", each additional name change will cost 100 Gems.

Player AvatarEdit

Each player is allowed to choose an Avatar, a profile picture that represents them within the game. These avatars are currently added from Heroes that you have acquired throughout the game, along with either the primary Male or Female characters originally assigned to you.

Player ExperienceEdit

Player experience is accumulated primarily within the Explorer's Gate in Dungeons and Mazes. Experience can also be gotten from the Secret Regions and through Exploration.

Player experience is required to continue to Level your player, which in turn levels all of your Heroes. Every level obtained increases the Heroes' Hit Points, allowing them to survive longer in battle.

Player experience is different from Creature EXP which is only obtained in the Enhancement portion of the game through sacrificing Creature Cards and Gold to enhance the power of a particular Creature Card.

Star MembershipEdit

Star Membership is a paid upgrade to an account that comes with minor bonuses that may make for a faster or more enjoyable experience. Star Membership gives the following bonuses:

  1. In game Mail with 100 Gems each morning you are a star member.
  2. Ability to Fast-Forward, increasing the speed of all gameplay.
  3. Allows you to Reset all Mazes two times for Free each day instead of once.
  4. Heaven's Blessing provides 45 Energy instead of 30 Energy.
  5. Shiny / Gold Border around your Profile Picture.

Star Membership, especially a 30-day Membership, provides by far the best return on investment.  The results, however, are not immediate so some players are turned off by the slow nature of the feature and prefer to buy gems directly.