Shards are fractions (or portions) of a card in Deck Heroes. Shards often allow you to slowly collect parts to trade for heroes, creatures, holiday cards and coupons.  Cards of varying strength and rarity will require a different number of shards to complete.

You can view your shards progress under Shards menu at the bottom tab, and in some cases you can see shard progress in the "Source" tab of a Creature or Hero card.

Creature Shards Edit

Creature shards are used for creating new creature cards. The most common way to acquire Creature Shards is to explore, but they are also granted in the Gauntlet, Token Mall, Trials, Credits Mall, Guild Maps, Guild Mall, The Mines, Ore Mall and other similar areas.

Shards required for each Creatures: Edit
  • 2 Star Creatures require 5 Shards.
  • 3 Star Creatures require 10 Shards.
  • 4 Star Creatures require 30 Shards.
  • 5 Star Creatures require 50 Shards, but the recently added Lich lord which was available in Lost Relics costs 75 shards.

Hero Shards Edit

Hero shards are use to make new Heroes and to advance an existing Hero's skill. You can buy Hero Shards from Bazaar, Credit Mall, Token Mall, Guild Mall, Tournament Mall or Ore Mall. They also can be gained through certain battles such as Raids, Heists and similar PVP features.

Shards required for each Hero: Edit
  • 1 Star Hero require 15 Shards.
  • 2 stars Hero require 25 Shards.
  • 3 stars Hero require 40 Shards.
  • 4 stars Heroes require 75 Shards.
  • 5 Stars Heroes require 100 Shards.
Shards required to enhance Heroes skill: Edit

Please note that all Heroes have same amount of shards needed to enhance. Also note that upgrading your Hero's skill will cost you Glory Points depending on your Hero Star and Level. Higher star and levels require more Glory Points than lower Hero stars and levels.

  • Level 2 skill requires 10
  • Level 3 skill requires 20 Shards
  • Level 4 skill requires 30 Shards
  • Level 5 skill requires 40 Shards
  • Level 6 skill requires 55 Shards
  • Level 7 skill requires 80 Shards
  • Level 8 skill requires 130 Shards
  • Level 9 skill requires 250 Shards
  • Level 10 skill requires 500 Shards

Coupon Shards Edit

Coupon shards are used to exchange 6 of the shards for a coupon. You can exchange coupon shards under Daily Tasks menu at the bottom tab. The coupons can then be used to draw new creatures from the Coupon Bag in the Altar.

Holiday Shards Edit

Essence and Glory Holiday Shards are generally found through Exploration, Mazes and similar actions that spend Energy.  Each Holiday does have different rules and drop rates, so check the Notice about the Holiday in order to learn the specifics.