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With Trials you progress and get credits which you can use to buy either level 3 or level 4 heroes.

Credits Mall refreshes once per day with a new selection of hero shards. 3 star shards cost 300 credits for 3 shards. 4 star shards cost 1200 credits for 3 shards.

The 4 star heroes available for purchase are the non-summoning 4 star heroes

Rewards of the Trial Edit

For every stage that the player completes he or she will be rewarded with credits and experience points. Every 5th stage contains a harder battle, and by winning those battles you will also gain gold and a hero shard.

Rushing Edit

For every 15 stages that the player completes, a check point will be created. This unlocks the rushing option, which means that you are allowed to skip the stages that you've previously completed the next time you enter the Trials. You will also gain the rewards of the previous stages when using the Rush option.

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